Our donkeys derive great pleasure from visiting schools, children’s centres and carrying out a variety of tasks.

It might be something as simple as attending a school fair or fete or it might be to support a learning activity.

Donkeys particularly enjoy working with students in special schools, where some of their needs can be met by the interaction and communication with our animals.

A Learning Resource
The Sanctuary is itself a learning resource.

We provide a range of educational activity, including sessions called ‘classroom in a stable’ where we combine ‘hands on’ practical work with classroom based heritage work, looking at the role donkeys have played on the Island and the mainland.

Donkeys are a great stimulus for studying periods of history whilst the farm itself provides opportunity to carry out National Curriculum activities in English and Maths.

Less formal visits for schools are available, so that children can enjoy the various elements of the site, engaging in activities such as ‘Treasure Hunts’ or ‘Donkey Spotting’.

If you are a school or children’s centre, please telephone our office on 01983 852693 for further details on holding children’s learning sessions at the Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary.