Some Great News!

We would like to officially introduce you to the newest member of our donkey family; say hello to “Woody”

Yesterday (Wednesday), the alarm went off at 4am, we prepared the donkey bus and made the journey to Wales to collect him. Despite ferry delays and traffic chaos, Derek (our Charity Manager), Nick (Farm Manager) and Julia (Volunteer & Training Coordinator (and official early morning hater!)) managed to arrive in Wales around lunchtime. It took approximately 45 mins to say our hellos and get Woody onto the donkey bus; Julia settled him in and stayed with Woody on the bus, got locked in and trapped in the back and had to climb out!! (see image). We then travelled back to the Isle of Wight.

We arrived back at the Sanctuary around 6pm and put Woody into his stable for the night. He let out a very load “Ee-aww” – just to let all his new friends at the Sanctuary know he’d arrived.

Although just 6 years old, Woody is a very strong donkey with a loud bray…however, he is very, very sweet. He’ll be in isolation for a while, as his bloods are being checked today. We’re hoping he can join the rest of the donkeys at the Sanctuary in the next couple of weeks, where we’re sure he’ll make friends blend into life here, probably in the youngsters herd.