Moses-Bullrush is perhaps one of our most easily identified ‘Old & Proud’ donkeys. At 46 years old, he has for some time now been sporting some ‘designer’ leg-wear. This is because, due to age, he has been suffering from arthritis in his back legs – which has led to his knees rubbing together, and in places causing ulcers.

Our staff have shown huge compassion and care in treating this problem, and Bullrush has been able to lead a pretty normal life. Today however, Sandra our Equine Manager noticed that Bullrush, who normally knows exactly when his ‘extra’ meal is on its way – stands by the small enclosure where he receives his food – today, he appeared totally uninterested.

Sandra (an ex nursing sister) immediately took action by checking his heart rate – to find it was well above where it should be. Very carefully, Bullrush and his buddy Charlie were led back to the barns where they could be constantly observed.

At this moment, Bullrush is giving us cause for concern. His heart rate has not returned to normal and he is showing signs of colic. We have everything crossed that if it does turn out to be colic, it is the medical colic condition rather than the surgical one. Because of his age, we would not consider surgery appropriate for a ‘gentleman’ in his well-passed Autumn-years.

Everyone here has their fingers crossed – as will all our supporters.
#prayforbullrush 🙏🏼🐴