It is with great sadness that late yesterday afternoon, we lost our lovely old donkey Moses-Bullrush.

Our supporters will know that Bullrush has in his old age been suffering from arthritis in his back legs – and has received infinite care and compassion from our farm team, headed up by Sandra our Equine Manager, to ensure that he was comfortable and pain free.

Donkeys, being stoical creatures, rarely let humans know that they are unwell until it is too late to help, and it is up to their human carers to ‘make that call’.

Bullrush however made it clear that he was ready to join his buddies, who were waiting for him over the Rainbow Bridge. With his human buddies with him – we said a tearful goodbye yesterday (Tues 28th August 2019) – and across he went.

Regular visitors to the Sanctuary will miss him, as in recent months he had appointed himself as the main donkey ‘meeter and greeter’ and would wait very patiently by the fence for attention, hugs and strokes from his ‘public’.

The effect the loss of any donkey has on the staff here at the Sanctuary is immense, but the loss of a character such as Bullrush is immeasurable.